CET 7.0: Packaging Related Items

The latest version of the Content Export/Import Tool is now available on Github, and it has some exciting new features. This release introduces the new Package Export feature, as well as Component and Template audits and a few general improvements.

Package Export


The Package Export feature allows the user to generate a package of all of the items selected by the export.

There are a few advantages to using the Package Export feature provided by CET rather than the regular Sitecore Package Designer. Sitecore’s Package Export allows you to dynamically select items using the same filters that CET provides (starting path, template(s), creation/modification dates). One advantage of using the Package Export feature in CET is that using it in tandem with the Content Export allows you to audit and review content, modify and upload content, and package content all in the same place, with one configuration for all three features and the ability to save that configuration for reuse:

  1. Run the Content Export to audit content.
  2. Modify field values in Excel.
  3. Run the Import using the modified CSV file to update Sitecore content.
  4. Run the Package Export to package all of the newly modified content.

However, the main advantage to the CET Package Export is the ability to include Related Items. One of the biggest pains in packaging and installing Sitecore content is when you overlook related content and media items that are referenced by the items you are packaging, and you end up with empty images or worse, null reference exceptions, when you install the package on another environment. The Package Export provides the option to include Related Items so that all content and media items used by each selected item will be included in the package as well.

The “Get Package Preview” button will generate a CSV report of all of the items that are going to be included in the package. It is recommended to review the Preview carefully when using the Related Items option to make sure you do not install anything that shouldn’t be installed such as environmental configuration settings (or be sure to make a backup first); and to use the Merge option when installing, so that you do not lose children. The Package Preview provides the following information:

  1. Item Path
  2. Related To – Each item that is NOT included by the initial export options but is instead added as a Related Item will include which item it was related to, so that you know which items has caused it to be added.
  3. Children Not Included – This field will show you all of the children that are not included in the package and would therefore be lost if you were to install with the Overwrite option.

Component and Template Audits

The latest release also includes two new auditing features, Component and Template Audit.

special audits.PNG

The Component Audit generates a report of all of the components on each selected page. This audit uses the same filtering options as the Content Export; you can leave all options blank and audit the entire Sitecore Content tree, or select filters to only audit specific folders or items. The generated report includes a line for every component found with the Component Name, the path of the item it is on, and the component’s datasource item, datasource template, and placeholder.

The Template Audit generates a report of all Sitecore templates with the following information:

  • Template Name
  • Template Path
  • Fields
  • Base Templates
  • Inheritors
  • Items of Type (all items that are of this template type)
  • Obsolete

There is also an option to only export obsolete templates, if you want to find out which templates are no longer in use. A template is considered obsolete if there are no items of that template type and there are no items of any template types that inherit the template.

Other Improvements

  • New option to export referrers of items in Content Export
  • New option to export the Name instead of Full Path of items in reference fields (e.g. Droplist, Multilist, Treelist)
  • Quick Links fixed to right side of the page for easier navigation
Quick Links

7.0 will be available soon on the Sitecore Marketplace. You can download 6.2 from the marketplace or download the latest version from Github.

Author: ericastockwellalpert

.NET Developer and Sitecore MVP 2019-2020

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