Auditing Sitecore Components with the Content Export/Import Tool

The other day, a colleague asked me if they could use the Content Export/Import Tool to find out all of the components that were being used on their site. They were in the process upgrading from Sitecore 6.5 to Sitecore 9, and they needed to know which components were in use– there were a ton of components in the old solution, and many were likely obsolete, so they needed to know which components had to be included in the upgrade and which could be ignored.

I said, “give me a few hours.”

The result: the newest feature on the Content Export Tool, Component Audit.

The Component Audit feature is located within the Advanced Options

The Component Audit uses the same filtering options as the Content Export; you can specify one or multiple starting paths, and filter by template and created/published dates. You can also use the No Children checkbox to only audit the components on the Start Item(s). For example, if you wanted all the components on the Homepage only; you could use the Template filters if the Homepage has a unique template, but otherwise you might get a lot of extra data that you don’t need. As a result, you can use the Component Audit to audit all of the components used throughout the entire site; an audit of the components on one single page; or an audit of the components on a subset of pages specified using the available filters.

no children.PNG
New “No Children” option

The resulting data will let you know the location (item path) of every component, as well as the datasource (if any) and the placeholder. You can also easily determine how many times each component is used.

Example report

As with the Content Export, this process can take a while when done on the entire site. Keep in mind how many items you have on your site and consider what data you need before doing a Component Audit on the entire site (/sitecore/content).

You can download the latest release here. Available soon on the Sitecore Marketplace.

Author: ericastockwellalpert

.NET Developer and Sitecore MVP 2019-2020

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